Why Frenchies are the Best Decision I Ever Made

If you love French Bulldogs, you will adore this video! French Bulldogs Griffin and Haru like to sleep with their humans and always be near them. They can be intrusive, but they are the cutest alarm clocks. Frenchies are so much fun! They will not only steal the bed; they will steal your heart!

Griffin and Haru love to cuddle and be close! They like to watch their humans and always want to know what they are up to because they like to be involved! They are so cute with their funny little wrinkly faces! They follow you everywhere, and they are like your shadow! Frenchies want to help their humans with any task they happen to be doing. They even follow their humans into the bathroom!

Frenchies can be nosy, but you will never regret having one or two in your life! When you come home from work after a long day, they are right there to greet you. They love their little sister, Sienna, who is equally as cute, and Daddy and Frenchie love to read her stories. Haru and Griffin will always be there to help babysit!

Seeing Haru heal so well after his surgery and walking is also lovely. He is a champion, Frenchie! Haru and Griffin’s pet parents could not be happier or prouder of their little potatoes! Frenchies have a way of making up for any trouble they may cause! Watch this video if you are a fan of Frenchies and need to see something that will make your heart feel light!

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Why Frenchies are the Best Decision I Ever Made