Linda The Great Dane Presents Her Case On Why She Should Get Some Of Dad’s Sandwich

Linda The Great Dane Presents Her Case On Why She Should Get Some Of Dad's Sandwich

If you have pets, you will be familiar with the events in the next video. How do you get to eat something you have prepared when you have pets around? You can’t. You get back from work and are starving. You prepare something in the stove. You want something homemade, and you have spent a good amount of time cooking it yourself. Your meal is finally ready. You put it on your plate and sit down to eat.

Then, this happens. Your pets start pawing or barking at you. It’s either that or they just stare at you. You know that look on their face. They make you feel terrible about eating in front of them. They pull out the ‘begging face’ on you. They do this face each time you’re about to put anything into your mouth.

No one likes to be bothered when they sit down to eat. But still, your dog fusses and begs anyway. But has your dog ever thrown a tantrum? Each time Ron Cameron sits down to eat, his dogs will do that. This time, the guy is just trying to eat a delicious sandwich he has prepared.

The problem is that his dog Linda, the Great Dane, wants a piece of it as well. The moment Ron goes for that first bite, Linda starts grumbling and snapping her jaws in his face. She’s not having this, all this eating going on and Linda not being in the middle of it.

‘You didn’t even eat your food,’ Ron tells her. ‘Why do you want mine?’ When Ron is arguing with Linda, it sounds as if he was arguing with his wife. That makes it especially funny. He says: ‘Listen, to me. No Linda, listen, Linda,’ Ron says. ‘Listen to what I’m saying. You didn’t even eat your food.’

The thing is Linda was offered her own food, but she would not eat it. Apparently, she has been tricked in the past, and she was not going for it this time. Ron has not finished getting Linda to comply with leaving him alone when another of her siblings decides to join Linda in the act.

Romeo, the other Great Dane, starts giving Ron the same looks and babbling. Linda continues with her act while Romeo is just looking and babbling every now and then. The expression on the dogs’ faces each time Ron goes in for a bite is priceless.

Ron tells the dog he is not giving her any. ‘Yes, you are daddy,’ says the person who is shooting the video. ‘You’re going to give us all a piece. We’re good boys.’ And just like that, dad melts and gives in. He breaks off some of his sandwich for his two Great Danes. Another dog named Peanut now joins in. Boy, Dad sure got sucked in on this one. Don’t miss this guy caving to his hilarious hounds in the video below.

Linda The Great Dane Presents Her Case On Why She Should Get Some Of Dad\'s Sandwich