A Mother Dog Starts Playing With Daddy, And Watch The Puppies’ Reaction

I was just having a conversation the other day with a friend about how 101 Dalmatians is one of my favourites of the older Disney cartoons. Cruella de Vil is an iconic villainess, and I’ll never forget the scene where Lucky almost dies, but Roger revives him and brings him back to life. I cried every time that scene came on. I even loved the 1996 live-action remake with Glenn Close. I remember begging my parents for a Dalmatian puppy, but those begs fell on deaf ears.

Well, even if you don’t love those Disney films as much as I do, any dog lover will appreciate this adorable video of 10 Dalmatian puppies attentively watching their mother and father playing around with a toy. These five-week-old pups watch their mommy and daddy, Lady and Louie, with complete attention. Well, except for a couple who seem a little more easily distracted. When one of them falls off the large cushion they are all sitting on and rolls backwards, it’s pretty cute, and pretty funny!

It’s a sweet video that shows just how attached puppies are to their parents. They are watching them like they are sitting in class listening to the teacher. Maybe they were trying to learn a thing or two from mom and dad.

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A Mother Dog Starts Playing With Daddy, And Watch The Puppies\' Reaction