Mommy Catches Her Dog Chewing Something Out Of Purse. I Cracked Up At The Evidence.

Dogs can find themselves making a mess out of everything ” shoes, newspapers, mail, and yes, even homework, which is every students’ favorite excuse. There are some who actually dig deeper and find even more weird things to chew up. People from the 1980’s even recall their pooches chewing up tape cassettes. I’m still peeved that I don’t have that 2010 soundtrack anymore. Those dogs won’t beat the one that’s front-and-center in this video, though.

We see what looks like a puggle, or a close cousin, named Chloe. She’s found her mommy’s lipstick canister and chewed up a giant portion of it. Hopefully, mommy was not in a hurry to get to work or get ready for work, because this lipstick is gone. There’s no salvaging it. Mommy better have a back-up for that or at least some lip balm, because the only place that lipstick canister is going only one place: the garbage.

Chloe knows that she got caught red- – er – pink-faced here. She looks sheepishly down at the lipstick canister, though it’s unclear if she knows how much of the evidence is slathered all over her muzzle. Her paws are bright-pink too. It’s a good thing that this stuff is non-toxic. Next stop for Chloe: The bathtub. Hopefully her mommy didn’t have to spend all night scrubbing her face clean.

This sight reminded me of my miniature schnauzer that I had when I was growing up. She would get an upset stomach from time to time and we would give her a certain antacid that was known for its pink color ” and her beard would turn pink at times too. My dog was more fond of chewing up things like paper – and on one occasion, my retainer. My parents were none too thrilled about that one. Who knows, maybe Chloe has a future in the make-up industry.

Wow. Chloe got all of that lipstick, didn’t she? What’s the craziest thing that your pet has wound up getting themselves into? Feel free to tell us all about it in the comments section!

Mommy Catches Her Dog Chewing Something Out Of Purse. I Cracked Up At The Evidence.