Mommy Dog Is Alone And Scared At Shelter. I Gasped When A Worker Brought This In NEXT!

It’s tough for any mommy to be separated from their child. Animal mommies have it the worst, though. They spent all this time in labor and then sometimes their babies are literally ripped away moments later. It’s mentally scarring on them. The problem is that they can’t communicate these feelings to humans. Though sometimes a human can figure it out through deduction, like what happened with this dog.

We start off with seeing a dog hiding behind its bed at the Marin Humane Society. She’s scared of humans. The people there realized that she had birthed puppies and probably missed them. The workers talked to the person who had sent her over there and they got the puppies too. So the worker has the crate with the puppies in it and takes it into the cell that the dog is staying in. She plops down with the crate and the dog’s attention is transfixed on her.

At first the mommy dog’s expression is like, ‘Wait – is this real life? Are these really my puppies?’ Then the shelter worker starts taking more and more puppies out of the crate. This sends the mommy dog into fits of joy. She starts running around the cell with her tail wagging at about 900 wags per second. It’s moving so fast that I’m surprised that it doesn’t create a wind tunnel effect. This formerly fearful dog is now licking the rescue worker’s hand like there’s no tomorrow.

This reunion was so sweet to watch. I’m glad the workers decided to bring the puppies in with the mommy. She surely had been thinking about them the whole time she had been in there by herself. Now she’s got her babies back and life will be good. Hopefully, someone will adopt all of them as a group. The only drawback now is that the puppies are going to need a lot of wee-wee pads in the interim.

Wasn’t this such a sweet video? I loved the reactions of both the mommy and the puppies. What did you think? Please tell us in the comments section below.

Mommy Dog Is Alone And Scared At Shelter. I Gasped When A Worker Brought This In NEXT!