Maymo The Dog Got 210 Bottles For Christmas And He Can’t Contain His Excitement

Maymo The Dog Got 210 Bottles For Christmas And He Can't Contain His Excitement

When Maymo, the Beagle, comes out on Christmas morning he is faced with something fantastic. At first, this guy doesn’t appear to know what to think about his Christmas gift of 210 water bottles. It’s large (lovingly set up in the shape of a tree), it doesn’t smell like anything and doesn’t look too exciting.

Then, sweet Maymo knocks over the first plastic bottle. At first, our canine friend is a bit startled, but then, my oh my, does the fun begin. Merry Christmas, Maymo.

*A word of caution on this. If you ever give your dog plastic bottles, be sure to observe him or her carefully, as the pieces or caps can break off and become choking hazards or cause obstructed bowels.

If you don’t trust your dog to ‘drop’ at your instruction, then these aren’t the right toys for them, of course. These pet parents are responsible and closely supervised their pup to ensure no bottle caps or anything like that was ingested as it could cause potential problems.

Maymo’s initial trepidation and wariness at his tree of plastic bottles quickly wore off. This adorable Beagle pup was in it for all after only a few moments.

Wait until you see Maymo prance and dance around in the giant pile of bottles that he has made. Have you ever seen a dog have so much with a Christmas gift? What fun parents this pooch has.

Maymo The Dog Got 210 Bottles For Christmas And He Can\'t Contain His Excitement