When Owner Returns After 2 Years, Her Little Dog’s Reaction Leaves Everyone Amazed…

It’s amazing what great memories dogs have. Even if they’ve met you once, it seems that they remember you. They’ll come up to you to sniff you to familiarize you once and after that, you’re known to them. If you’re a friend of the family, they’ll greet you with loving barks and woofy wags, but if you’re a family member who is coming back into the fold after a huge gap? Well, this video will show you exactly what happens!

This adorable schnauzer passes out with happiness! Can you imagine that? When Rebecca came home, Casey her dog was there to greet her. The whines of pure joy come out like as if she is unable to even give a proper bark due to the overflowing emotions. It’s like she’s saying, ‘Where were youuuu all this time? I missed you!!!’

There really is no bond like owner and dog. No matter how far you stay, no matter how long you are away for, when they see you, their joy is boundless and they’ll give you a homecoming you never expected.

My heart melted when I saw how happy the dog was. The unending joyful whines and later hugs and cuddles made me want my dog right next to me. For all those of you who are worried the dog may be ill, she got checked out at the vet and he gave the all clear. It was just a case of pure happiness taking control of the body.

LOL. This video is both funny and adorable. Does your pet act like this when you come home? Write in and tell us in the section below! And don’t forget to SHARE to make someone else’s day!

When Owner Returns After 2 Years, Her Little Dog\'s Reaction Leaves Everyone Amazed...