A New Born Puppy Is Introduced To A Mama Cat And You Won’t Believe What Happens NEXT!

A new born puppy is put in a box that has a mother cat and her baby kittens. At first the puppy was wrapped in a towel and held above the mother cat. The mother cat longingly looks at the puppy and so the little puppy gets lowered into the box to meet his roommates!

What happens once the mother cat is next to the puppy is amazing! The little puppy charges forward to be in the arms of the mother cat, pushing aside all the kittens. It’s so adorable! But if you really want a dose of adorable, go to the 1:15 minute mark. That is pure magic!

The cat’s motherly nature told her to protect and nurture the little puppy. Seeing the little puppy in the mother cat’s arms along with the other kittens is a beautiful sight. Let us know your thoughts about this incredible interaction below!

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A New Born Puppy Is Introduced To A Mama Cat And You Won\'t Believe What Happens NEXT!