Rottweiler Goes Around Pet Store With Daddy. The Doggies He Meets Get Cuter And Cuter.

I always love going to pet stores. You never know what you’ll see – one time I saw a man with an iguana. A very large iguana. A very large ANGRY iguana who had no intention whatsoever of allowing his daddy OR the pet store worker to put a harness on him. I’ve never seen a tail be used as a whip like that. Fortunately, the encounters in this video are much more friendly than what I witnessed.

The star of the video is Brutus Maximus, a Rottweiler that’s a service dog. If he could talk, he’d probably say, ‘Hi. I’m Brutus Maximus. You’ve probably seen me in videos like ‘Brutus Meets A Baby’ and ‘Brutus Plays Tug of War With A Pit Bull On The Beach’.’ I’ve written about both of those, by the way. Brutus is awesome. Here we see Brutus walking around a chain pet store with his dad and three of his doggie buddies -all pugs – in tow.

It’s like an adventure for ol’ Brutus. The first encounter he has is with two Husky puppies that just can’t get enough of being pet by his daddy. They even want to follow the group. Then after the daddy pays for whatever he’s buying they meet a bulldog who, after sniffing Brutus, starts barking canine insults. What a grouch. Eh. Whatever. There must be other cuter doggies in the store.

Sure enough, there is. A baby Rottweiler is with his daddy. Maybe Brutus flashed back to the younger version of himself when he saw the pup. I have to say though, that this little guy, who is going to grow up to be massive, is a HUGE fraidy cat. He whimpers and hides despite Brutus moving at the speed of a stuck glacier to show that he’s harmless. Heck, he even lays down. The little puppy does seem to be showing signs of coming around at the end, though. Phew, what a day for this group.

I love seeing that Brutus Maximus has a video out. He’s such a cool dog, isn’t he? I think Rottweilers get a bad rap. Tell us your Rottweiler stories and also ‘Like’ us on Pinterest. Thanks!

Rottweiler Goes Around Pet Store With Daddy. The Doggies He Meets Get Cuter And Cuter.