This Sassy Pup Doesn’t Quite See Eye To Eye With Mama Pup. Then Decides To Throw A Fit

It seems strange just how intense the emotions of newborns can be. Catch a baby when he is happy and you will experience the cutest little bundle of joy you’ve ever seen, but run into this same baby when he is in a grumpy mood, and everyone in the house will feel the wave of wrath and wailing that this newborn unleashes. While it’s true that grumpy babies are something that most people try to avoid, grumpy puppies are something else entirely. It seems that the more snappy a puppy gets, the more its cuteness just grows in intensity.

Meet Elvis and Patches. Elvis is a newborn puppy, perfectly happy laying on his own personal spot on the floor while patches, Elvis’ mother, would clearly like him to move and stay with her. The ensuing interaction is absolutely adorable, and just gets better and better the more Elvis complains.

At first, Elvis just sits there, trying to ignore the prompting of his mother. Eventually, he starts to put up a little resistance, and finally gets snappy and barks back with his little puppy bark. Being just a puppy, Elvis doesn’t seem to have much of a bark yet. He has more of a squeak, albeit, a very feirce and irritable squeak.

This little family squabble is one of the cutest little puppy interactions you’ll ever see, and the way their emotions shift throughout just gets better and better. Let us know what you think, and if you enjoyed this as much as we did then be sure to share this with family and friends.

This Sassy Pup Doesn\'t Quite See Eye To Eye With Mama Pup. Then Decides To Throw A Fit