When They Took Their Dog To A Snow-Covered Hill, They Weren’t Expecting Him To Do THIS…

Some of us love snow and some of us not so much. Animals are similar. We can see videos of lots of pets that jump happily at the sight of it and then there are some who glare at their owners for exposing them to such atrocity! But there is one breed of dog that unfailingly seems to love to play in the snow, and you will see one of them having the time of his life in this clip.

This adorable dog here falls in the former category. He loves all that snow! He is black Labrador named Rafi and Rafi really likes to body-slide down a snow covered hill! This cute pooch sure knows how to have fun! This is going to melt your heart!

This is not just a hill of snow. It actually looks like packed snow and ice, which makes it perfect for sliding. This dog already has his own method of sliding down the snow covered hill. He first lays down, and then pushes off with his legs so he can get some momentum going.

The entire time he’s playing, he looks so happy and definitely doesn’t look cold. I think winter must be Rafi’s favorite season because he sure seems to be enjoying himself.  He continues to slip and slide for several minutes, never tiring of this fun in the snow.

Watch this adorable video above! Let us know your thoughts about Rafi and his slip and slide in the comments!

When They Took Their Dog To A Snow-Covered Hill, They Weren\'t Expecting Him To Do THIS...