In Toyko This Shibu Inu Is Everyone’s Favorite Shop Keeper

In Toyko This Shibu Inu Is Everyone's Favorite Shop Keeper

Now, this is something that you don’t see happening every day. It’s hard to picture something related to animals that no one has ever seen before, but then there are dogs like the one in the video below that just blow everyone else out of the water.

We’re all aware of how innovative the Japanese people are in terms of technology and society, but have you ever seen what their pets can do? The cute Shiba Inu in the video below is becoming famous all over the world, thanks to his job as a store clerk.

The video below was posted by the YouTube user Miki Kotevskie, and in it, we can see how a person approaches a tiny convenience stand that looks just like any other store, except for the fact that it’s tiny (as they tend to be in Japan), and there’s a small dog working there instead of a human clerk.

Shiva, as she’s called, ‘works’ at the stand receiving every possible customer that they might have, and since she started going to the store, their sales have increased dramatically. And how could they not? With a clerk so helpful and adorable, I’d be going there every day just to see her in action.

I am certain this business is thriving because of its famous store clerk. This video is sure to go viral, and it is further proof of just how smart dogs really are. Watch this cute and hard-working Shiba Inu in the video just below.

In Toyko This Shibu Inu Is Everyone\'s Favorite Shop Keeper