White Lion And White Tiger Have Babies, And They’re The Cutest Cubs On The Planet

Animal hybrids have been among us for many years. Recently there has been much hype about hybrids. It all started when cloning became an issue. Scientists had been experimenting for quite some time to come up with hybrid plants. The idea was simple, come up with a plant that had the fruit of one and the properties of the other. On paper, it sounded feasible.

The problem is, how to get the exact features that you want. That’s when the study of genetics came in handy. Scientists mapped the genome of both plants. They discovered which genetic material was responsible for each of the features. Then, they would manipulate the various parts until they came up with a winning combination. It took several trial-error tests to come up with the right one.

When they could find out the correct combination, they could not replicate it with other plants. Each plant has its own way of combining itself. This means that each one of them needs their genome mapped to break down its distinctive features. This may sound complicated because it really is. Imagine doing the same thing with animals. Different animal species do not breed with each other.

At least not all of them. This means that you cannot breed a cat with a dog or you cannot breed a spider with a cow. It doesn’t work that way. But according to many scientists, you can still do it by manipulating their genome. The problem is how to do it. Many conspiracy theorists believe that scientists now are carrying out very crazy hybrid experiments. But that their results are so wild, they are keeping them from the general population.

So, do hybrids really exist in the animal kingdom? Yes, some years ago a group of biologists became famous for successfully breeding a lion with a tiger. Currently, there are many of these around the world. Their appearance is unique but the result is a massive animal. An adult ‘Liger’ as it is called, can tip the scales at about 800 pounds. It can be around 10 feet long.

That’s gigantic! The next video is even more interesting. Not only did the biologists get a Liger, but they got it from a white tiger and a white lion! They had 4 cubs and they are beautiful. This is the first time this is done in all the world. And it was done here in the United States by a group of experts in North Carolina! This is a definite must see.

White Lion And White Tiger Have Babies, And They\'re The Cutest Cubs On The Planet