Three Dogs Are Cold Out In Yard At Night. What Their Dad Did To Fix That Is So

The dogs and cats that I have had in my life have been very lucky – in the regard of their being indoors. Yes, I would walk my dog outside, but she got to sleep inside. That’s not the case for a lot of dogs and cats. Some people even make their dogs stay outside in a yard even when there’s cold weather. A regular dog house doesn’t do the full job, it seems. There’s one daddy, though, that saw his three dogs suffering in the cold and decided to rectify that.

Once this video starts, it’s very obvious that this man is quite handy with construction. That’s the polar opposite of me ” my shop teacher barely tolerated me because it took me umpteen times to even hammer a nail in. I still get sweats if my wife asks me to hang up a picture. This man, though, makes it look so easy as he builds what he calls ‘The Dog Majal.’ Fortunately, a certain orange-skinned man didn’t try to slap his brand on it after it was finished.

You can tell that this is no ordinary dog house the very second that we see the frame. The video is a time-lapse and it shows that he’s planning on having it heated for them. There are even doors for them to enter and exit. There’s no tunnel style door frame. Nothing but the best for his doggies. He gets help from his wife and other friends and family members. It’s really quite remarkable seeing him put his skills to good use.

The whole process takes him about 24 hours and I have to say that it looks darn professional. There’s a porch, two front doors, a heat lamp inside to keep them warm on those cold nights. Now he’ll be able to sleep well at night knowing the dogs are nice and toasty in there. Sadly, one of the dogs that he built if for only got to enjoy it for a while before passing away. There’s a nice little tribute to him at the end.

What’s the most that you would do to ensure that your dog is comfortable outside? If I tried to build what he did, the dog house would collapse three seconds after one of the pooches walked by. Tell us your thoughts in the comments section and please also ‘Like’ us on Pinterest.

Three Dogs Are Cold Out In Yard At Night. What Their Dad Did To Fix That Is So