Woman spots shivering pups at the side of the road

When driving down the road, the last thing most people expect to see is a puppy. Fortunately, as one woman traveled down a street in Greece, she saw a pair of pups huddled in the grass.

She knew she needed to help these two babies, so she called Takis from Takis Shelter. He came as quickly as he could. Takis knew that he was in a race against time.

For stray animals that do not have warm places to hide, cold weather can pose a lot of danger. With nowhere to dry off, the wet puppies were at risk of catching hypothermia.

Fortunately, Takis and his team found the puppies quickly. The puppies could not have been more than a few weeks old. “They weigh nothing,” said one rescuer when he picked one up.

When the team picked up the wet puppies, they could not stop shivering. “They were so lucky that you saw them,” Takis said to the woman who saw the puppies from the road.

One by one, the team picked up the trembling puppies and hugged them to their chests. Takis loaded the two puppies into his car and drove them to the shelter where they could warm up and socialize with the other pups.

Thanks to Takis and the woman who saw them at the edge of the road, these two adorable puppies were finally safe. And once they recovered from their time outside, the two pups could look forward to finding happy, loving forever homes.

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Woman spots shivering pups at the side of the road