7-Month-Old Saved by Family’s Pitbull From Burning House Fire

Lantana Chai was having a relaxing day at home with her child Masailah when their neighbor’s house unexpectedly caught on fire. Chai had no idea what was about to happen as she began to hear her pet pitbull Sasha barking.

The fire started to spread, and quickly Latana’s house was on fire. As Sasha was in the backyard, Lantana went out to see what all the barking was for only to see the home she just stepped out of was in flames.

Without hesitation, she sprinted back into the house to grab baby Masailah, who was sleeping at the time. Before Lantana could reach your child, Sasha was already inside, pulling the baby by the diaper, bringing her to safety.

The family credits Sasha’s barking as an early warning sign that something strange was going on. Without the barking, Chai doesn’t know whether they would have all made it out alive. Both Sasha and Masailah are happy, healthy, and more inseparable than ever.

Very few things are cuter than babies and dogs. Pitbulls often aren\'t as loved as other dog breeds and seen as not family-friendly. This story about a pitbull rescuing his 7-month-old sister will make it impossible not to love this breed. #Pitbull #Baby #Rescue #Pets