This Extraordinary Dog’s Unusual Behavior Saved Their Baby’s Life

This Extraordinary Dog's Unusual Behavior Saved Their Baby's Life

That’s right, Duke – our dog hero of the day – is secretly Superman! Duke was adopted by a loving family and was happy with them for six years and incredibly well behaved. Then one night, Duke did something out of the ordinary.

Duke, the extraordinary dog, saved his baby human sister’s life. When Harper was only nine weeks old, she was sleeping in her crib. Suddenly, she stops breathing. Duke somehow realizes this and runs to his owner’s bed where his owners were sleeping.

Duke jumps on their bed and starts shaking, almost uncontrollably, to wake his parents. His owners wake up and sense that something is wrong from Duke’s behavior. The mother went to the baby and discovered that little Harper wasn’t breathing. Dad immediately called 911, and we are happy to say that little Harper is doing fine.

What a story right? The ambulance came just in time, and the baby was saved. Duke is a real hero. He has certainly proved himself to be a brave and clever boy, who I am sure gets all the love and devotion he deserves.

This Extraordinary Dog\'s Unusual Behavior Saved Their Baby\'s Life