Amazing Survival: Dog & Puppies Rescued from Earthquake Debris

In the midst of chaos and heartache, a glimmer of hope emerges from the video capturing a remarkable tale of survival. Following the devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake that shook Turkey and Syria in February 2023, claiming the lives of at least 50,000 people, search and rescue crews tirelessly combed through the wreckage. Their efforts unveiled a miracle for a dog, and her three newborn puppies were found alive nearly a month after the catastrophe.

Reuters reports that Kadir Keyifli, a concerned owner, implored the rescue teams to locate and save his dog Sila, a 2-and-a-half-year-old Doberman in Hatay, Turkey. The local rescue team Meyako ultimately broke through the barriers and discovered Sila in the basement after 28 harrowing days.

The video captures the rescuers’ astonishment upon realizing Sila was not alone. Amidst the rubble, Sila had given birth to three puppies, defying all odds. The responders were left pondering how the mother and her puppies survived for so long.

Keyifli believes a large bag of dog food sustained the dogs in the basement. Despite losing weight, Sila appeared unscathed, and the dogs were taken in for treatment. “My dogs are coming out after one month. Thank God,” Keyifli exclaimed.

Sila and her puppies are not the only miraculous survivors of this disaster. A Husky named Aleks was rescued from the rubble 22 days after the earthquakes.

While the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have caused unimaginable loss and heartache, stories like Sila’s and her puppies’ serve as beacons of hope amidst the darkness. Their survival and rescue against all odds provide a reminder of the resilience and strength found in even the most unexpected places.

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Amazing Survival: Dog & Puppies Rescued from Earthquake Debris