Apollo, The Hungry German Shepherd Lets His Owner Know That He Wants More Food Now…

It’s amazing how pets and their owners communicate with each other but dogs and their humans seem to share something very special. This bond is very clear when you watch this video. Most dogs are extremely polite and well mannered, but this dog obviously has something on his mind and he’s not afraid to let his human know what it is!

Food is such an important thing and for many, like me, food can determine my mood. Meet Apollo, the gorgeous German Shepherd who gets grumpy with his human when it comes to feeding time. Watch how cute he is when he demands more food.

Keep in mind, the dog just ate. But this dog wants more than his usual share and when he knocks his metal bowl around, you know he means business! You may be fooled into thinking that the dog hasn’t eaten in a while and is probably starving, but after watching the video, you realize that the dog ate a large portion just a while back. From the way Apollo acts, you wouldn’t think this was the case.

You will just love dogs after watching this home video. It seems pretty likely that Apollo got a post-lunch snack from his kind hearted human and from the way the dog is behaving, I won’t be surprised to hear that the dog demanded another snack later. This hungry hound sure loves his snacks!

I love this video because it tells me the dog lives in a home where he is loved and valued. Did you watch the video? What did you feel? Write to us and let us know in the comments section below!

Apollo, The Hungry German Shepherd Lets His Owner Know That He Wants More Food Now...