She Asked Her Dogs ‘Who Stole The Cookie?’ But Keep Your Eyes On The Pooch To The Left

Dogs are known to be a loyal species, both to their owners and to each other, but when someone questions their guilt or innocence, all bets are off. The owner in this video knows that one of her black Labradors stole a cookie off the counter, so she decides to confront the adorable set of siblings on her own. Fortunately for us, she recorded the results to share with the rest of us, and the response is pretty funny. Wait till you see the final result of this hilarious interrogation!

Gnarly and Loa love each other very much, but one of them is guilty, and when mom asks them to rat on each other, it’s every man for himself. One of them stole a cookie, the temptation apparently being too much for one of them to resist. Mom is very amused at the discovery of the missing cookie and I couldn’t stop laughing at the honesty they showed when she asked them, ‘Who stole the cookie?’ According to mom, her real motive was not to find out who stole the cookie, but rather to see who the tattletale would be! Looks like she found out! But I suspect neither of these adorable pooches will be punished for the crimes of stealing or tattling.

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She Asked Her Dogs \'Who Stole The Cookie?\' But Keep Your Eyes On The Pooch To The Left