Giant Dog Becomes Guardian For 200 One-Day-Old Ducklings – So Cute

Giant Dog Becomes Guardian For 200 One-Day-Old Chicks – So Cute

There was a huge group of over 200 tiny baby ducklings playing amongst themselves, and when they expected it the least, a huge dog came onto the scene. But to their good fortune, the dog obviously didn’t mean any harm at all.

As every dog parent knows, dogs are naturally friendly with every animal that they meet, and the more friends they can enjoy, the better for them. There are 207 ducklings in the scene, to be exact, and there’s so many of them that they keep climbing on top of each other and piling up with themselves.

The dog’s maternal instinct makes him get all excited and fall in love with each and every single one of them, and it’s one of the most adorable things I’ve seen in a long time. He’s just a giant, cute, and furry pup, but he seems to truly love and care for all of his little duck friends, and he seems aware that he’s a gentle giant for all of them. And he’s so mindful of his size, the ducks are never in any real harm.

I never thought I’d see such an adorable scene with ducklings and dogs, so I’m glad this video came into existence. I am reasonably certain the dog is a Boerboel, known for its enormous size and gentle nature. That gentle nature is surely evident in this video below. Even dad, who is filming, comments that he has come in and become protector all on his own accord. How cute is that?

Giant Dog Becomes Guardian For 200 One-Day-Old Ducklings – So Cute