Brave Soldier Looks After 3 Stray Dogs. Now Watch What They Did When A Bomb Goes Off…

When we think of dogs we immediately think of family pets. Dogs make wonderful additions to families. They are unconditionally loving and unfailingly faithful. A dog will always give you all of their love no matter what is going on. They will always be excited to see you no matter what time of the day or night it is when they see you.

But really dogs are so much more. I don’t think most people realize just how smart dogs are and how dedicated they are to the people who take care of them. That is what you will see while watching this featured video. In this video you will meet Sgt. Chris Duke, serving in Afghanistan, who befriended and took care of three dogs while deployed. The three dogs were named Rufus, Target and Sasha.

Sgt. Duke took care of the dogs and cared very much about them, the dogs returned that love and were actually able to show Sgt. Duke just how much they cared for him. One night a suicide bomber was attempting to break into the barracks where Sgt. Duke slept along with fifty other men. However, his three dogs immediately set to barking and attacking him until he finally gave up and blew himself up.

Unfortunately, heroic Sasha was too badly injured and was put down from the explosion, but the other two survived. To find out what happen to Target and Rufus watch the video above to hear their whole story.

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Brave Soldier Looks After 3 Stray Dogs. Now Watch What They Did When A Bomb Goes Off...