It Might Look Silly Why He’s On All Fours Like A Dog. But The Reason Saved My Life Last Week…

Have you ever wondered what you’d do if you were at home by yourself and started choking? I know the thought has crossed my mind. While the Heimlich maneuver is extremely successful in removing blockages from people’s throats, you need another person in order to perform it.

But in this quick video from fire medic Jeff Rehman, he shows you a simple technique that could save your life if you ever find yourself choking with no one else around.

Not only is Rehman’s job to save life, he also needs to save lives of the people who are busy saving lives.

Because he has dedicated his life to this, he is certainly an authority on life saving techniques.

In this two-minute video, Rehman shows you the proper technique to saving your life if you’re ever home by yourself and you experience choking.

He remembers learning this technique from an old boxing coach and applied it to his work as a fire medic.

As Rehman explains in the video above, the victim must drop to their knees and take up a pushup position. While on their hands and knees, they then must throw their arms forward and collide their upper torso into the ground.

When this move is performed, wind is abruptly pressed out of your chest with enough force to expel whatever you might have been choking on.

While no technique is 100% effective, Rehman stands by this and encourages everyone to remember it just in case you find yourself choking alone at home.

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It Might Look Silly Why He\'s On All Fours Like A Dog. But The Reason Saved My Life Last Week...