Cockatiel Flies Free But Won’t Leave Owner’s Side In Heartwarming Footage

Proud owner Jessica made a best friend when she discovered the dull-colored cockatiel Pepper. From the moment that she set eyes on the solo parrot left alone and unwanted as of yet, she knew she had found love.

Pepper is a cockatiel who has to be one of the most cuddly birds ever seen. The little one bonded with her owner in a remarkable manner. She spends every last waking minute with her owner, flying around the house and landing on her mom’s head.

This cute cockatiel is curious, loud, and couldn’t be more adorable. She wants to eat anything that her mom is eating and enjoys every last activity that they do together. Cuddling with a bird? Pepper loves it.

As long as Jessica is there, Pepper is overjoyed. This clip shows the soulmates having the time of their lives, with little Pepper literally following her mom everywhere. Just wait until you hear that bird talk. She’s the best.

Cockatiel Flies Free But Won\'t Leave Owner\'s Side In Heartwarming Footage