Daddy Films Baby Girl And Puppy Dog Together. I Laughed At Their ‘Interactions!

Communicating with dogs is a field that has rapidly grown. Being able to understand these pooches can make being an owner even easier. One of the foremost authorities in this field, Cesar Milan, may have some competition – in a baby that’s barely old enough to crawl. You have to see this video of Baby Sophie talking with a Shorkie named Wicket ” I wonder if Sophie’s mommy and daddy are fans of the Ewoks from ‘Return of the Jedi.’

We see Sophie and Wicket on the floor in the living room. Wicket starts barking at Sophie, ho starts babbling right back at the Shorkie. This only excites the little doggie even more, who runs around and barks even louder. Sophie can’t get enough of this and the two have a back-and-forth while the daddy laughs in the background. He probably wouldn’t be laughing if he knew what they were talking about.

They are talking about ruling the world. I’m just kidding – but given this political landscape, it wouldn’t be surprising if they were. ‘OK. Wait until you get older. Figure out how to get your hands on your dad’s credit card – ‘ ‘Tell me more!’ ‘Well, we have to wait until you learn how to read – right now you’re even having trouble identifying a picture of a cat in a picture book.’ ‘True – ‘

I’m sure that Sophie and Wicket will have a fantastic time growing up. They will have many more adventures and ‘conversations’ over the years as they get older. Well, Sophie will start using actual words to talk to Wicket, words like ‘sit’ , ‘stay’ , ‘roll over’ , and ‘fetch!’ . They will probably play together and curl up for naps together too. Sophie’s dad should probably keep an eye on his wallet around the time she turns 10, though –

What an adorable video! I couldn’t get enough of these two. Have you seen anything like it? If so, please tell us all about it in the comments section!

Daddy Films Baby Girl And Puppy Dog Together. I Laughed At Their \'Interactions!