Hope Was Dwindling for This Man, Then They Brought Him His Dog for Comfort

Hope Was Dwindling for This Man, Then They Brought Him His Dog for Comfort

We’ve had some beautiful stories about dogs. The reason for that is because dogs are man’s best friend. Some dogs can do some pretty brave things. Other dogs have been known for doing some very amazing feats. Nevertheless, we have dogs mostly for pets.

For many people, their dog is the only companion they know. Even though dogs cannot talk, just the fact of being able to listen makes a big advantage. There are many people, including senior citizens that don’t have that. Their dogs are their only companions.

Throughout time, dogs and their owners develop an extraordinary bond. This bond is not only limited to feeding and caring activities. Dogs are very empathic creatures. They have their feelings as well. If the owner is sad, the dog will try to cheer him up. If the owner is happy, the dog will share in the happiness as well. When the owner is mourning, the dog will be mourning as well.

Some dogs have even been able to save their owners when they are in danger. Andy was giving a bowel cancer diagnosis in 2012. For most people, this is like a death sentence. This type of cancer is not always easy to treat and doesn’t go away all the time. He consulted with his doctors, and they gave them feasible options. With treatment from the doctors, he could pull out through the treatment process and make it out alive.

Unfortunately, Andy’s immune system became very weak. This made him very susceptible to all sorts of infections. One day, he contracted pneumonia as a result. Of the regular cases, his case was particularly severe. Considering his age, the outcome did not look promising for Andy. He needed to receive specialized treatment to continue to live. With time, his illness continued to worsen.

Andy had to be induced into a coma. It was only with this induced coma that Andy would have the best possibility to recover and heal. Estelle is Andy’s wife. She wanted to make sure that everything was done to ensure Andy’s recovery. She came up with the idea of bringing Teddy, Andy’s dog.

Teddy was brought to the bedside to provide additional comfort for his owner. The hospital has stringent policies on pets and patients. They usually require pets to be seen outside the recovery rooms. For Andy though, they made an exception to this rule. Teddy could spend time in Andy’s room. Wait until you see the results.

Hope Was Dwindling for This Man, Then They Brought Him His Dog for Comfort