This Dog Deserves To Be Thanked… By Millions Of Bees

Bees are one of those things that most of us have mixed feelings about. On the one hand, they can sting us and leave us with very sharp and unpleasant pain, but on the other hand, they are responsible for that wonderful deliciousness that we call honey.

While many of us may be on the fence with how we feel about bees, there is one fact that you may not know that makes bees far more important than we ever realized.

It turns out that the pollination that bees do is what allows most of our major crops to grow throughout the world. If we didn’t have bees then we wouldn’t be able to grow most of our food, which makes our choices about how we feel about bees quite a bit easier.

Now when a disease began to wipe out hives of bees around southern Australia, people knew that they needed to save these bees if they wanted to keep a healthy ecosystem. Thankfully, one beekeeper found that his pet dog had the incredible ability to sniff this disease out and catch it ahead of time. Together, they are saving bees all around Australia and thus the well being of the ecosystem throughout the world.

This video retells exactly how they came to save these bees. It is quite incredible to watch, but what might be the best part is near the end when you see the suit the dog has to wear while around the bees. It is just too cute.

This Dog Deserves To Be Thanked... By Millions Of Bees