Dog Gets Reward For Returning Stick, So Clever Clydesdale Does The Same

As a dog owner I am amazed at what they will do for a little treat. All I have to say is ‘Biscuit’ and my dog will sit straight away, I don’t even have to tell her anymore, she just knows that sitting means snacking.

All of the great animal trainers in the world use treats to train their animals, in fact some say that it is because of this inbuilt instinct to eat that we domesticated animals in the first place. Dogs are very intelligent, it doesn’t matter what the breed, they are all usually very easy to train when you use an incentive like snacks and treats.

Larger domesticated animals like horses are no different. We have all seen horse trainers slip a carrot to a waiting equine after pleasing his person with a trick or two. Horses are pretty smart as well, all you have to do is walk out to the paddock carrying a feed bag and they will be right over to greet you with their eyes firmly gazing at the goodies you have for them.

We all like to play games with our pets. The silly little things like teasing your cat with a ball of wool, or watching a child’s rapid-rodent going around and around in its play wheel. We even love to see our much loved pets playing together, it just gives us a great feeling inside. Every dog owner’s game of choice is fetch. You know the one, where you throw a ball or stick and you carefree-canine retrieves it, and if you’re really lucky brings it back to you to start the game all over again.

But what is a horse decided to play fetch? I don’t mean just any horse, but a massive ‘Clydesdale’ with his eye on some of those treats I was talking about earlier. It’s going to take one big stick and some very special snacks to make this horse happy, so you had better think long and hard about playing this game!

A very clever writer came up with this concept for one of ‘Budweiser’s’ famous television commercials. A simple scenario, Man throws stick for dog, dog fetched stick then brings it back to man, man gives dog a treat, happy dog. Happy man. Happy ending. Well not quite. In the back ground there is a rather large ‘Clydesdale’ horse watch the goings on with quite some interest in the whole process.

Now the horse can see the point of the game. Fetch a stick, bring to your person, then get a treat for your troubles, repeat process, end result, stomach full, HAPPY HORSE. It is a very funny commercial and another one that this Beer manufacturer should be proud of, click the link below and have a laugh at this very creative piece of writing.

Dog Gets Reward For Returning Stick, So Clever Clydesdale Does The Same