Poppy The Labrador Isn’t Just A Bestie To Her Mom, She Is A Life Saver Too

Poppy The Labrador Isn't Just A Bestie To Her Mom, She Is A Life Saver Too

Epilepsy is a life-threatening condition that causes those unfortunate enough to suffer from it, afraid pretty much 100% of the time. An attack can come on at any time, so having a proper warning is the difference between life or death on a regular basis.

One way that epileptics deal with the anxiety is by getting a seizure alert dog. Dogs have an incredible way of understanding the needs of humans, making them very reliable assistants when people are in need.

Shannon Locke suffers from epilepsy and deals with it with her own dog Poppy. Recently she shared some incredibly brave footage of the process that Poppy goes through to help save her life – this dog is a hero.

Shannon managed to film her entire epileptic fit solely because of Poppy’s warning, which came about 15 minutes before the actual seizure. Those 15 minutes are priceless, allowing a patient to find a safe place to lay down and breathe before the seizure takes hold.

The value of rescue/medical alert dogs is impossible to calculate, but stories like this make it so obvious how important they are to those in need. Check out the video below that the incredibly brave Shannon shared with the world to show how invaluable the help of service dogs can be.

Poppy The Labrador Isn\'t Just A Bestie To Her Mom, She Is A Life Saver Too