Bella The German Shepherd Gives Mom Some Backchat When It’s Time To Leave The River

Bella The German Shepherd Gives Mom Some Backchat When It's Time To Leave The River

There’s a reason dogs are called man’s best friends. Not only are they a form of security to their owners, but also one of the most entertaining creatures in the entire world. Irrespective of the breed, because of their cheekiness, they find a way of melting our hearts.

Just as humans, each dog has a totally different personality than the next. Some are outgoing; others are short-tempered, while others are calm and collected in whatever situation they find themselves in. Some, like the adorable German shepherd in the video below, have the biggest personalities on earth.

This pooch, called Bella, loves her time outdoors, particularly in pools of water. It seems that the waters are a safe haven for her- a place where her mind is devoid of all her cares in the world. If she has any, of course. One day, her mom took her for a short swim but didn’t expect that it would be such a big ask to get her to stop swimming when it was time to go home.

Her mom tries to persuade her to leave, but she wholeheartedly disagrees, and defiantly stands her ground. After a while, she keeps insisting, but Bella throws the most dramatic but hilarious tantrum.

From the way she’s hesitant to leave the water, it seems she just wants one more swim. Every plea to get her to go home results in more agitation from her. It’s like she’s telling her mom, ‘If you want me to go home, you’ll have to come and get me. I don’t want to stop swimming, Mommy.’

It certainly worked since it bought her more time to enjoy her most favorite hobby. Her funny fit has gone viral on the inter-webs. Isn’t it funny how some breeds of dogs absolutely adore the water and others avoid it all cost? Check out Bella’s winning tantrum in the video below.

Bella The German Shepherd Gives Mom Some Backchat When It\'s Time To Leave The River