The Most Famous Horses In The World… Get A Rare Look At These ‘Gentle Giants’ Of Tv Fame

The Clydesdale has become a household name again, mostly thanks to Budweiser commercials. Raising them can be a lot of work ” they are big horses even when they are younger and they require a LOT of care, food, and love. That doesn’t deter John Soto, who cares for 70 of them. Yes, you read that right. Not 17. Seventy.

This video shows that Soto has to wear a LOT of hats. He has to help birth the horses to training some of them to appear in commercials to just grooming them and showing them all love. It’s quite a lot of work, but he’s more than up for the challenge. He’s got quite the job, raising all these gentle giants. He’d have it no other way, it seems.

Horses are mischievous. That’s a given. Imagine having to work with these behemoths who make some others look like dwarves? Soto has to know how to rein the in without breaking their spirit at all. Then there are some who are sickly at first only to bounce back from his care. He claims that he has no favorites, but we all know that’s bunk.

It’s all a fascinating look at what it’s like to raise these horses, from the monotonous grunt work like grooming them to giving them their exercise outside. People might learn something about what this life is like. If they were thinking about entering the business, it might give them valuable tips or it might deter them from making a costly mistake.

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The Most Famous Horses In The World... Get A Rare Look At These \'Gentle Giants\' Of Tv Fame