Find out why everyone wants to adopt Prancer

Dozens of people want to adopt Prancer the chihuahua thanks to an ad put up by the lady who has been fostering it.

With its owner in a senior living facility, Prancer the chihuahua needed to find a new home and owner. The lady who was fostering the adorable dog decided to put up a Facebook ad in a bid to find him a new home.

The ad describing the chihuahua as, ‘Man hating, children hating, neurotic mess, demonic, 50% hate 50% tremble’ garnered a lot of attention online as dozens of people expressed their interest in adopting Prancer.

True to what the ad pointed out, Prancer is quite an aggressive pup. It has quite the temperament considering its tiny size. He might as well be the worst chihuahua you’ll come across.

Considering how aggressive Prancer is towards men, the ad also had a little word of caution, ‘If you have a husband, don’t bother applying. Unless you hate him.’

Some individuals even commented how perfect the dog sounded from the ad. With thousands of views, we can only hope the two-year-old chihuahua finds a perfect home and owner.

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Find out why everyone wants to adopt Prancer