Geronimo The Dog Has Double Dutch Skills You Won’t Believe

Geronimo The Dog Has Double Dutch Skills You Won't Believe

Admit it; you love watching talented pets doing tricks. We all do. Often these animals are dogs (of course, there is Didga, the cat, also who is incredibly talented). And while I have seen some dogs (and cats) perform some amazing tricks, I can honestly say I have never seen one that can skip rope.

This super talented canine can do just about anything, and jumping rope is something that she does extremely well. Geronimo, the dog, was rescued from the pound when she was only three months old. Her new mom is a dog show performer who has several other dogs that she has and performs with.

Geronimo has lots of canine brothers and sisters, so she is never lonely. Her adopted mom started working with her when she was very small, and Geronimo has learned many tricks very quickly. But jumping rope and playing Double Dutch is her favorite trick of them all. She really knows how to do it well, and even us humans would have a hard time keeping up with her.

Geronimo is really just as clever as they come and, no doubt, has so much fun with her mom performing. Check out this talented pooch in the video we have posted below. If you have kids, maybe they can learn some Double Dutch skills from Geronimo, too.

Geronimo The Dog Has Double Dutch Skills You Won\'t Believe