They Give Him A Bag Of Balls. But When He Goes To That Baby And Does This? I Melted…

The adorable baby featured in the video above is called Laura and Laura has one of the most amazing brothers ever. Her doggie sibling is not only great when it comes to taking care of her, but he also knows how to entertain his younger sis. He is named Charlie and when you see how easily he can make his sister smile, you will be in awe!

Charlie the beagle loves his little sister, and they have made many great videos together. This is an early one when Laura was still a baby in her crib. When Charlie was given a bag of balls, he decided to share it with the baby. He spins the bag around until the plastic balls fall on the floor so he can pick them up. Why does he want to do that? Just watch and see.

He created a little ball party for Laura. He filled the little girl’s crib with many colorful balls, taking his time to put each one in her crib and watch her reaction. And when you see the smile Laura gives at the end, you can see that she enjoyed it too!

He’s an adorable and smart little beagle, and from the time Laura came into his life, he loved her. Watch the end of the clip where Charlie’s family show clips of how he has interacted with Laura over the years. It’s so sweet.

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They Give Him A Bag Of Balls. But When He Goes To That Baby And Does This? I Melted...