Lizzy The Great Dane Holds The Record For World’s Largest Female Dog – Wow

Lizzy The Great Dane Holds The Record For World's Largest Female Dog – Wow

Great Danes are awesome dogs. My aunt lived in Florida for a while, and her next-door neighbor had a Great Dane puppy. Well, technically, he was a puppy. This dog was HUGE. He was also friendly and would come running over to me, leap up and plop his two massive paws on my shoulders and then proceed to lick my entire face clean with two swipes. I thought of that dog when I saw this video about Lizzy, a record-holding Great Dane.

How tall is Lizzy? So tall that her daddy had to get a miniature pony measuring device since the ones for dogs don’t reach her height. The Guinness Book of World Records recognizes her as the tallest living female dog. It’s amazing seeing her walk around – she looks like a miniature pony herself. She’s also totally adorable – I love Great Danes, and if I got the chance, I would pet her for hours.

There’s an important distinction to be made here – Lizzy is the world’s tallest living FEMALE dog. There are other dogs that are taller, but they are male. Just have to make sure that’s clarified to avoid any angry comments.

Lizzy is such a laid-back dog. Her daddy even comments that he’s never heard her growl. Then again, I don’t think I would ever WANT to hear her growl. That would possibly be the last sound I heard. Her daddy says that she loves to ride cars. He has an SUV, and she even makes that backseat look tiny. I can’t imagine trying to look in the rearview mirror with her there. She is in the right place, though – a very large house with a yard and easy access to places that she can run around a lot.

Here’s hoping that she can reign in the Guinness Books for a very long time. Long may Lizzy live. Check out this giant beauty in the video we have posted below.

Lizzy The Great Dane Holds The Record For World\'s Largest Female Dog – Wow