Munchkin kitten is a ball of happiness

Watching from beginning to the end, you will undoubtedly wish you had one of your own and will continue watching.

As the kitty wobbles from side to side, you almost want to grab it through your television screen and cuddle it, never letting go of it.

This panda kitty will make anyone’s day, whether you woke up groggy or simply need something to liven you up. Watching this kitten is a mood changer.

After a few seconds, you begin to wonder how long the video will be because all you want is to see more of this ball of sunshine.

A few things can alter your mood instantaneously, and this panda kitty is one of those things, wrapped in a fluffy ball of fur.

If you don’t get captivated watching this little kitty trying to walk, its meows will have you rewinding the clip a few times, maybe even saving it.

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Munchkin kitten is a ball of happiness