Musician plays ‘Paradise’ with his dog in the snow

There is beauty all around while this guitarist serenades his dogs with Coldplay’s ‘Paradise’ in the middle of a light snowfall.

It was a picture-perfect display when a talented musician took his beautiful dogs out to a snow-covered field and performed on his acoustic guitar.

Recreating Coldplay’s ‘Paradise,’ he sets the tone for the entire scene with a comforting arrangement and flawless fingerstyle playing.

His wonderful dogs stand transfixed, with one even lifting a paw to touch his hand while he plays – a beautiful, inspiring moment.

Later, they play in the deep snowbanks while he continues the song, the light snow drifting down around them. There is a sense of peace and contentment all around.

It is the perfect song – and the perfect performance – for a cozy night inside by the fire, watching a gifted musician and his dogs enjoy time together.

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Musician plays ‘Paradise’ with his dog in the snow