Older Blind Dog Is Trying To Make His Way Home. What A Cat Does To Help Is

Believe it or not, cats are not the selfish demon spawn that some people think they are. Yes, many times they are aloof and unhelpful. Dogs can be too. My miniature schnauzer would be useless as my friend would wrestle me to the ground and sit on me. I’d be asking her for help and she’d come over and lick my hand. Some guard dog. On the other hand, we have this video of a cat act as a seeing-eye cat for a blind dog.

We see a youngish cat following an older dog that has lost his eyesight. The cat keeps rubbing up against the dog from either side to keep him from walking off the street. The dog clearly understands what’s going on. Otherwise, he would be panicking. The video quality isn’t the best. Something seemed to happen to the camera as it was recording. There’s static of some sort. It’s still fun to watch these animals walk home.

The best part of the video is when the cat realizes that the dog is about to walk into a car tire. He swiftly moves to block the dog and guide him away. There does seem to be an ‘uh-oh’ moment at the end, when the cat stops to sniff something and the dog keeps going. It seems like a cliff-hanger for a TV show. ‘Will the cat get to the dog in time to prevent an accident? Will the dog wind up with a tire face? Tune in next week! Same time, same cat channel!’

There are some comments that say that the cat is just being friendly and rubbing up against the dog because he likes him. That might be part of it, but he’s clearly guiding the dog on the proper way home. Even the dog’s daddy reiterated that in the comments section. It’s a shame that people are even arguing about it at all. It’s a cute video. It seems like the dog isn’t the only blind one here – .

Wasn’t this cat so sweet? I wish my cats would do that. What do you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

Older Blind Dog Is Trying To Make His Way Home. What A Cat Does To Help Is