Precious baby duck thinks her rescuer is her mom

Emma found Bleeper, the duck, when she was a hatchling and couldn’t get out of her egg. Bleeper wasn’t destined to survive on her own, and Emma helped her escape her shell.

Then Emma carried her close to give her warmth. In the beginning, Bleeper found it difficult not to flip over. She couldn’t eat or drink on her own, but she fought tooth and nail.

After a week under Emma’s care, Bleeper started to act like an ordinary duck. She followed Emma wherever she went and certainly saw her as her mother.

Emma can see that Bleeper has a lot of “attitude” and is sassy most of the time. When Bleeper became more of a guard duck, Emma realized that Bleeper probably thought she was a dog.

Bleeper loved visiting the beach, and Emma carried her when she became exhausted. It was bittersweet when Bleeper blossomed, and she didn’t need her mom as much.

She went out into the world on her own but never too far from mommy. One day she didn’t come home, and Emma looked around for where Bleeper could have gone.

Emma did not expect to find Bleeper and a nest full of ducklings. Bleeper taught her babies how to steal food and water from the dogs. Emma loves Bleepers so much and enjoyed the process of watching her grow.

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Precious baby duck thinks her rescuer is her mom