Puppy’s First Adventure Down The Stairs And He Gets A Little Help From His Family

A little tough love goes a long way, and this video is proof! Charlotte and Reece are a pair of adorable puppy siblings, one of whom is struggling to get down the stairs alone. In this video, they are ready to venture downstairs for the first time ever, and as you’re about to see, the little bundles of cuteness need some help navigating the stairs. Good thing their four-legged and two-legged family members are ready to assist.

Charlotte goes first, and it’s safe to say she’s the more daring of the two. She gets down the stairs unscathed and seems ready to encourage her brother.  Now, it’s Reece’s turn. Oh, Reece. You are just too much.

Watch the tiny pup plop his way down each stair as Dad kindly coaxes him behind the camera. Since Reece is so small and has never gone down the stairs before, he’s understandably nervous and has no clue how to keep going. When you see how Mama Rosie comes to the rescue to show him that everything will be okay, your heart is going to melt! Also watch out for a very special feline cameo. One thing’s for sure. This menagerie sticks together, and there’s nothing more wonderful! I love how Reece is so encouraged by his loving family. I have a feeling after this, the puppy’s journey to the first floor just got easier and easier.

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Puppy\'s First Adventure Down The Stairs And He Gets A Little Help From His Family