Watch Dad As He Tries To Put His Daughter On The Grass And Gets The Funniest Reaction…

Babies have the cutest reactions ever. Did you know that baby videos are amongst the most sought after on the Internet? They indeed are. They are very close to dog and cat videos. Dog videos are fun for distinct reasons than cats are. For starters, dogs have a very long relationship with humans. There is even a saying that goes: ‘Wherever there are humans, there are dogs. And wherever there are dogs, there are humans.

The reason for this is because of the long story between us. All dogs came from the wolf, so if you ever encounter a wolf, chances are they will leave you alone if you just let them be on their way. We’ve all have seen videos of dogs crying at their owner’s grave when they realize that he or she has passed.

Now, cats are a totally different story, they own any house they dwell in. Your rules will never apply to them and it is useless to try to teach them to stay off your favorite sofa or bed. If they like it, they’ll make themselves at home. That also applies to your food, snacks and favorite places. They make the funniest videos because of their unexpected reactions. Have you seen the videos on cats and cucumbers? If not, you must see them.

Babies are a totally different ballpark. They have unexpected reactions and the cutest laugh you will ever hear. The most favorite categories of baby videos are, babies eating, babies playing, babies reacting to snoring, and babies caught in mischief. I saw an example of the last type. There were 2 brothers who had been left alone for a couple of minutes. Unfortunately for parents, if you ever notice that everything gets unexpectedly quiet at your home, then watch out!

Babies eating is another popular type. They started with babies trying lime for the first time. Babies would feel attracted to the lime because of its bright color and would dive in and taste it. Then, the acid from the lemon would reach their palate and they would make the funniest and cutest face possible.

Of all the types of baby videos, there’s one category that has not gotten a lot of exposure. And it is ‘babies playing outside.’ Many psychologists believe that the more you have your baby interacting with the outdoors, the more the baby will develop their motor skills. Well, apparently the baby in the following video did not get that memo. Watch how this father tries to sit his daughter in the grass. The way she refuses is hilarious!

Watch Dad As He Tries To Put His Daughter On The Grass And Gets The Funniest Reaction...