Rescuers Save Abandoned Puppy Covered In Ticks, They Were Shocked When They Saw Her Tail

We are facing a pet overpopulation problem. Many people say that it is due to out-of-control breeders that abandon some of the animals that they are not able to sell due to lack of demand or birth defects. There are breeders that put animals to sleep when they are born with some sort of defect because they are not able to sell them like that.

In other cases, it is a matter of mating in the street. Some Government initiatives are aimed at reducing these numbers. This is done through campaigns where vehicles take to the streets and find dogs that are living there. They are then spayed or neutered. Although this does not solve the problem right now, it does prevent the street population from skyrocketing.

There are also adoption campaigns. These consist of non-profit organizations that take in dogs that have been neglected or retrieved from irresponsible owners, they get their vaccines and are set for adoption. Adoption is the best way of fighting this problem. With adoption, we are solving the problem we have now. We are taking a dog that is living in the streets and finding a home for him.

We have seen pictures and videos go viral of dogs that have been victims of neglect. The following story is one of those. An abandoned puppy was found. It was in very bad shape. The whole body, especially the ears full of bloodthirsty ticks. Not only was the puppy’s body in bad shape, so was his spirit.

The puppy looked very blue. He had a very sad look that broke the rescuer’s heart. The name of the place is OrphanPet GR. A place where sick and abandoned puppies can call found. They heal their wounds, but most of all they give them love. It lifts their spirits up. She was taken to a vet to be evaluated. One by one they removed each of the ticks that were feeding on its blood. They ran some tests on its blood and found out that it was very thin. The puppy would not have survived much longer if she had not been found. They found and removed thousands of ticks. She received a blood transfusion to help her recover.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the only thing they found. When they observed her, they found a wire that had been tied to her tail since she was very little. Her tail had to be amputated, but she was ready to recover. After some days, the rescuers started to notice a tremendous change in her body and her spirits. The result will blow your mind!

Rescuers Save Abandoned Puppy Covered In Ticks, They Were Shocked When They Saw Her Tail