The Shelter Labeled Him ‘Aggressive’ But His New Mom Says He Just Loves Life

The Shelter Labeled Him 'Aggressive' But His New Mom Says He Just Loves Life

When this Pitbull, Cruz, was brought to the shelter, he had on a choke stick and was mislabeled as ‘aggressive.’ His coat was filthy. He must have been left outside or living as a stray for a very long time, as he was also infested with ticks.

The first 60 seconds of the following video shows Cruz inside his kennel run for the very first time. As you can see, he’s a shy dog who is very hesitant to approach the kind woman named Maria. He refuses to look into her eyes, he sits with his back toward her, and he hangs his head low.

This heartbreaking behavior is that of a damaged creature, so neglected and stigmatized by the world that his true self has been repressed. Pitbulls have a bad reputation that leaves many people with the presumption that members of this breed are naturally aggressive, bothersome, challenging to train, and simply bad pet dogs in general.

For whatever reason, these pets have actually been singled out as savage beasts, when in truth it must be kept in mind that it’s never ever the breed that’s the issue; it’s really the human who raised them. While there have actually been cases of Pitbull attacks, it’s usually because those other dogs were raised in dreadful conditions, mistreated, or perhaps trained to attack.

Frankly, ALL dogs should be treated with respect and caution before their temperaments are known. So when Maria Sanchez stumbled upon one of these “aggressive” animals at the local shelter, she knew she had to investigate.

The shelter people said the dog was extremely aggressive — but they had no proof either directly or from the animal’s previous owner. ‘You can see from this video he isn’t aggressive; he was just scared. He was so happy to get out of his kennel and into the play yard. He just has such a love for life.’ Check out this beautiful story in the video just below.

The Shelter Labeled Him \'Aggressive\' But His New Mom Says He Just Loves Life