Soldier Has To Say Goodbye To His Best Friend Who Served With Him

The saying ‘A dog is a man’s best friend’ is true. Dogs and men have shared centuries of companionship. A dog’s most recognizable feature is its loyalty. This is a trait that makes the dog so popular. Dogs will never leave your side and stick with you through thick and thin.


A dog does not care for social status, gender, or race. For a dog, you are you. If you’re sick, you’re still you. If you’re healthy, he wants to be with you. Many people believe that a home is not a home without a dog. Dogs are not only just our companions. Many corporations employ dogs for things like illegal substance detection. We can find these types of dogs in places like our borders and airports.

All service dogs go through a very strict selection and training process. They must pass several tests for them to be accepted in the corporation. These dogs are crucial in keeping our borders and airports safe. They possess a very keen sense of smell that allows them to detect things that we are unable to.

In the case of drugs, it doesn’t matter what shape or form the drug is. If the drug is there, they will find it. Contrary to what many people may think, these dogs don’t spend their whole lives working there. To ensure that the dogs provide the best detection service, they are routinely tested. The dogs serve a short number of years only, and then they are retired. After their retirement, they are usually adopted by one of the officers who served with them. They get to do things that dogs like to do, like running around and playing.

Our soldiers spend their days and nights in foreign countries fighting to protect our freedom. We do not always stop and think of how lonely they may be. The soldier in this story served a tour of duty in Kyrgyzstan. He then met the dog who would eventually become his best friend. They had a connection that will warm your heart. They were both deployed to the same country where they served together. They became best friends. When Bodza was retired, Kyle, the soldier happily adopted him. They spent several years together until Bodza got sick.

Bodza developed a degenerative disease in his spinal cord. Kyle dedicated himself to spend as much time as he could with his buddy. The time came when he had to decide to put him to sleep to avoid Bodza any more suffering. The vets could not do anything more for the Bodza. Kyle spent a few moments with him saying goodbye before placing him on the vet’s table.

This is a sad but beautiful story of two best friends and the celebration of their time together. RIP sweet Bodza – we know Kyle misses you daily.

We hope you enjoyed the video above. Our pets and animals bring constant joy to our lives and always bring a smile.

Soldier Has To Say Goodbye To His Best Friend Who Served With Him