Watch A Dog Join In On A Newlywed Couple’s First Dance

One of the sweetest parts of a wedding ceremony is the first dance. But that wedding staple has gotten a bit of a modern makeover in recent years, with many receptions featuring elaborate and carefully choreographed routines meant to awe their guests. Most of these routines end up on YouTube, some with great success, and others that look professionally done can really wow us with their skills. But there’s a new trend in first dances that is taking off, and you are not going to want to miss this example of it in this next clip.

This video is unlike anything we’ve seen before when it comes to first dances at weddings, but I think this couple has inspired many to follow their lead. Taking the floor for their first dance, a bride and her groom are joined by their well-trained pooch who manages to keep pace with their routine for three whole minutes! Armed with what appears to be a handful of small treats, the bride coaxes him through the performance by rewarding his attentiveness, and it seems to work. With just a few minor missteps, the couple and their dog are met with whoops and applause as they take a bow.

I think this is a great idea because dogs are members of the family, and clearly this couple thinks so too.

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Watch A Dog Join In On A Newlywed Couple\'s First Dance