Someone Starts Talking To A Yorkie At A Family Gathering. I Love Her Reaction.

It’s always fun to try to talk to animals. I do it all the time with my cats. I’ll just start talking with them and one of four things happens: They blink their eyes at me, they meow at me, they come over for me to pet them or they just ignore me and start grooming themselves again. Then there’s what happens with this dog, Brie. I love what she does when someone talks to her about an upcoming holiday.

We see Brie sitting on one of her parent’s lap. Thanksgiving plans are being discussed and someone asks her if she’s looking forward to the trip. She can’t get enough of the attention. The person talking to her asks if she’s excited to see her boyfriends. Yes, plural. Apparently Brie is in hot demand wherever she’s going. The entire time the person talks to her, she keeps tilting her head from one side to the other.

I call this the ‘Yorkie Head Turn.’ This is because I have only seen Yorkies do it. Yes, other dogs do turn their heads quizzically, but not to the degree that Yorkies do. To be honest, I have not been a fan of this breed. Part of this stems from a woman in my old building who used to bring her dog down to the laundry room. This dog had NO sense of self-preservation and I had to really be careful not to step on her.

Brie is adorable though, I have to admit. She just looks like she wants to interact with everyone there. She’s not hyper like I’ve seen other Yorkies be, with their tongues hanging out all the time and constant running from place to place. Her name makes me hungry for Brie cheese. Ok, I’m going to wrap this up, need to make an emergency run to the grocery store. Mmmmm. Brie Cheese.

Wasn’t Brie adorable. Do you like Yorkies? Tell us your opinion below!

Someone Starts Talking To A Yorkie At A Family Gathering. I Love Her Reaction.