He Tells 11 Horses To Line Up, Pay Close Attention To The One In The Middle…

Thanks to the more than 50-year long tradition of the Super Bowl there have been many brands that have created their image around the commercial breaks. It’s one of the moments when advertisers can count on all the American people tuning into their TVs and being absolutely focused on their message. You probably recall the Budweiser ads with the beautiful white horses, well today you´ll see how these animals are trained!

The famous Budweiser Clydesdales made their Super Bowl commercial debut nearly 30 years ago. Today, their ads are some of the most highly anticipated. Whether the Clydesdales are playing football in a field or engaging in a snowball fight, there is a ton of training that makes these majestic horses so camera-ready.

You’re about to get a rare, behind-the-scenes look into these amazing commercials. You’ll also meet the man behind the magic ” Robin Wiltshire, horse trainer extraordinaire.

Robin and Kate Wiltshire raise their array of animals on Turtle Ranch in Dubois, Wyoming. The Australian-born trainer uses a reward-based system, giving the horses plenty of love and praise for their hard work. He doesn’t rush his training, he rewards the horses, and he puts deliberate thought behind each and every move.

Enjoy this amazing look at the magic behind this commercial!

He Tells 11 Horses To Line Up, Pay Close Attention To The One In The Middle...