The most adorable baby girl and tiny puppy create music together

Ailee is a very young musician with a jamming partner who is a puppy named Bruno. They weren’t friends at first, and it was only recently Ailee and Bruno became close.

Laken is Ailee’s mother, and she always wanted Ailee and Bruno to get along. Ailee had never been around a puppy before, and she didn’t know how to deal with him.

Their family comes from a long line of musicians, so Laken taught Ailee how to play the harmonica and other smaller instruments like the recorder. Ailee played like a professional on her bright red harmonica.

One day while Ailee was playing, Laken started recording, and Bruno sat in front of her and began to sing. Laken was shocked because she never expected Bruno to chime in.

Ever since then, Ailee and Bruno grew a lot closer, and they always made music together. Even when Ailee plays the recorder, Bruno will sing along to her sound.

Laken was relieved because Ailee and Laken got close as she always wanted. She believes that animals can feel the music as much as humans do. Bruno certainly loves jamming with the family.

They have enough instruments for the entire family to play music together, with Bruno as the lead vocalist. Laken says passing the love of music to Bruno and Ailee was the best feeling in the world.

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The most adorable baby girl and tiny puppy create music together