Walter Is The Bravest Golden Retriever… How He Protects His Farm Through Falling Snow. I Could Not Look Away…

I could not believe how quick everything seemed to happen. It was as if a lightning bolt suddenly struck the earth. He spends as much time as possible with his supportive family and I feel as though that is a recipe for great success. This goofy dog just cannot get over the pure white snow, it is clear he plans to be out side for a while.

Walter is an older golden retriever, but I definitely would not have guessed that just from how he looks. This poor person occasionally has arthritis pains, but not today. Throughout most of his cherished life, Walter has had the most loving family. You can see it in the way he behaves, this is definitely one loved animal. He jumps from mound to mound of snow, covering most of this round furry belly.

As Walter looks back at the farm in the far away distance, he is reminded of all the love and care that has been given to him. Holidays, his birthday, and who could forget the day he was adopted. There was his loving family always looking out for him, always watching his back no matter what. He also has tried to be there for his adoring family and today the scales would be fairly balanced. After what this heroic mutt does, they have to be.

As the family watches Walter become more and more immersed in snow, they see something far in the distance. They cannot quite make it out yet, so they decided not to worry about it. The hound is content, eating snow and chasing around his ball. His beautiful coat drenched with melted snow.

Suddenly, the owners alert Walter of the now discernible threat encroaching on their beautiful farm. Walter with much agility throws his toy to the side and gallops fast past his worried family. They desperately reach out for him as he effortlessly glides past them.

I have never heard a roar so loud! What did you think of Walter and his encounter? We would love to hear from you, please post in the comments below!

Walter Is The Bravest Golden Retriever... How He Protects His Farm Through Falling Snow. I Could Not Look Away...