Weatherman And Rescue Dog Are So Laughable On Air That The Pup Is Adopted Next Day

The weather always has a funny way of connecting people, even if you don’t know them at first. When Mike Sobel, a weatherman for Global News of Edmonton, Canada, brings an adoption dog on air, the pup’s hilarious antics immediately draw attention.

Ripple, an 18-month old Mastiff mix, is completely oblivious to the news segment going on around him. Instead, he’s more interested in chewing on his leash and playing tug of war with the weatherman.

As he ignores commands to sit and gnaws right through his leash, bursts of laughter emerge from the weatherman, the cameraman, and arguably anybody watching this news segment. Ripple’s intense energy radiates through the television.

Ripple’s energy brought a lot of attention to the weather segment, and he definitely caught the eye of many Edmonton residents. Apparently, someone must’ve loved Ripple’s show so much that it got him adopted the next day.

People watch the weather to plan out their days, but nobody expected a pup to steal the weatherman\'s spotlight. A young adoption dog goes crazy on-air and it leads to a twisted turn of events. #Dog #Adopt #Weather #Pets